Brief Guide About Condoms One Need to Know

Brief Guide About Condoms One Need to Know

Condoms are stretchy, and thin pounces that male wears during sex. They are made of latex, plastic, lambskin or nitrile. They cover the penis during sexual intercourse by stopping and collecting semen and sperms from entering into the vagina. They prevent a woman from getting pregnant because the sperm cannot meet with the egg. It also protects both the parties against STDs because it limits skin-to skin contact. Latex and plastic condom price at Amcal protect against pregnancy and STDs, but lambskin does not. Condoms are the only way of birth control that also protect people from sexually transmitted disease. It is advisable even if you are using a birth control also to use a condom to prevent from contracting sexually transmitted infections.

If one uses the condom correctly each single time during sex, it is 98% effective in preventing STDs and pregnancy. However, none is perfect, so in real life scenario, it is 85% efficient. This means that in a sample of 100 people, only 18 will get pregnant if the condom were their only method of birth control. The best way to make work perfectly is using it each time you are having anal, oral or vaginal sex from the start to the end. Complementing Condoms with other birth control will lower the chances of getting pregnant. Also using the withdrawal method while using a condom is the best way to keep the sperms out of vagina thus reducing the risk of pregnancy and STDs. It is not a good idea to use a condom together with a female condom. Designers made them specifically to be used on their own and adding jointly with a female condom will not give you extra protection.

Condoms are sold everywhere, and sometimes they are given out for free in many institutions and health centers. There are comfortable and super convenient to get them. There is no prescription required to sell out, and the interesting part is that there are no age restrictions. Many people feel awkward when buying a condom but you are healthy is far much better than embarrassment. They are very inexpensive, in average they cost less than a dollar. It may cost less or higher depending on the brand. They also come in different sizes, shapes, texture, flavors, and color. You can try a couple of them to decide on what best suits you and your partner.

Ansell Condoms Amcal last for a very long time, but it is important to check the expiry date before using it. You should open them carefully to avoid damaging it. It is essential to store them in a dry and cool place that is far from sharp objects and direct sunlight. Most of them are lubricated to provide extra pleasure during sex. It is advisable not to use anything that is oily like petroleum jelly, baby oil or cooking oils because it can damage the Latex Condoms. Practice always makes perfect, so it’s an important idea to put on a condom before sex. It is important to use a condom that you and your partner are not allergic to it.

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