Importance of Dental Health

The Importance Of Dental And Oral Care To Your Overall Health

Proper dental and oral care is vital to maintaining your overall health. Besides preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and offensive breath, taking good care of your teeth can provide some surprising health benefits that are not normally associated with dental and oral care. These would include prevention of strokes, heart attacks, premature labor and diabetes complications. Staying on top of your dental and oral health care is certainly a smart choice!

A doctor can tell a lot about your general health condition by taking a look inside of your mouth. Many diseases present some of their earliest symptoms in your oral cavity. For example, mouth lesions can be a sign of a serious health problem like diabetes. Changes in saliva can point to bone density problems such as osteoporosis. A vast majority of diseases, including many forms of cancer as well as autoimmune diseases such as AIDS, actually include symptoms that can be detected through oral exams or by taking samples of saliva. Environmental toxins and drugs can also often be detected by testing saliva.

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Saliva works to protect your body from viruses, bacteria, and fungi through the production of antibodies and histatins. Without these protections a whole host of harmful pathogens could enter the body, causing a variety of different diseases. One of the common diseases caused by weakened histatins in saliva is oral thrush.

Poor dental and oral care can result in a buildup of oral plaque. If you allow plaque to build up on your teeth for too long without being regularly cleared away, your saliva will no longer be strong enough to fight off the viruses bacteria, and fungi that can cause major health complications.

Proper dental and oral care, including regular brushing and flossing of your teeth with Reach Daily Flosser Cleanpaste Icy Mint Flavour Refill Pack at least twice a day will help to get rid of the plaque so your saliva can do its job of fighting off intruding bacteria, viruses, and fungi in your mouth. If you fail to perform these necessary dental and oral care routines, you can develop gingivitis, which is a gum infection. Eventually, gingivitis can develop into an even worse infection known as periodontis. In extreme cases, neglecting your dental and oral care could lead to acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, or “trench mouth,” which is a bacterial infection of the gums that can cause acute pain.

One complication of gum disease is the possibility of bacteria from your mouth getting into your bloodstream during the normal brushing and flossing of your dental and oral care routine. Those with compromised immune systems can lead to serious infections throughout the body, including the lining of one or more of your heart valves.

These are just a few of the general health problems associated with neglecting dental and oral care. Building a healthy habit of remembering to brush and floss your teeth twice a day, wearing a night mouth guard by Amcal, and scheduling dental check-ups every six months can reduce your chance of developing one or more of these problems.

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