Infant Medicine Dispenser Types

Infant Medicine Dispenser Types and Benefits

No matter how quiet and calm your baby is, that same child can become a wiggle worm when it comes time to get some medicine. As babies cannot swallow pills, doctors typically give parents liquids that they can feed to their children by mouth. You’ll also find over the counter liquid products that you can use when your child begins showing signs of the common cold. To cut down on the struggles you experience, you need a good infant medicine dispenser.

Why Use an Infant Medicine Dispenser?

The main reason why you’ll want to use an Amcal baby¬†health product is because it makes measuring the liquids that your baby needs easier and also helps you give that child a dose of the medicine too. The dispenser comes with markings around the sides with clear numbers and letters that let you get the perfect dose each time that your child needs medicine. One end has a small narrow piece that you insert into your child’s mouth, but the other end has a handle that you can pull, which allows the dispenser to pull up the medicine.

Pacifier Dispensers

Children develop the sucking motion at an easy age because it’s this motion that lets them seek the milk or formula that they need. When you try to give your child a dose of medicine in a spoon or a standard dispenser though, you may find that this sucking motion causes the child to spit the medicine back at you or make it spills over the sides of the spoon. Pacifier dispensers come with a pacifier piece that you can stick to the end of the dispenser without worrying that it might fall off. As your child sucks on the pacifier, the medicine comes out through a small hole in the end. Find products like¬†Vicks Fever Insight Thermometer at Amcal.

Image for Vicks Fever Insight Thermometer from Amcal

Spoon Dispensers

While an infant medicine dispenser with a pacifier end is a good choice for extremely young babies, toddlers may feel too old to use a pacifier. You can instead look for a dispenser that comes with a spoon attachment that you can use on the end. This attachment looks like a standard spoon but has a hole that allows the medicine to come out. The spoon is also very soft and won’t irritate your child’s mouth, no matter how much medicine your son or daughter needs.

Buy an Infant Medicine Dispenser Kit for the Future

Why waste money on a medicine dispenser that you use when your kids are younger and then a second one that you use when they reach a more advanced age? Dispenser kits are available for parents who want to have ways of providing their kids with medicine as they grow. You get a standard dispenser as well as attachments for giving them medicine via a spoon or a pacifier. The right kit will work with any kids you have in the future too. Find the best infant medicine dispenser or a kit that comes with other supplies for your children today.

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